Monday, October 29, 2007


So I don't know what to think. The too sexy for his own good Jensen Atwood is back on TV. Playing a homosexual well bisexual. You probably recognized him as Wade from LOGO network's canceled show "Noah's Arc". He says that he is out of the loop regarding the Noah's Arc movie and isn't sure if he is even going to be involved in the film. You can now catch Jensen on HERE! Network's gothic soap"Dante's Cove" where he plays a bisexual demon or vampire type creature named Griff. As far as I can discern from his recent interviews he is straight. Please hold your protest. I know one of the things that artist hate is to be type casted but Jensen seems to be O.K. with it and that is pretty cool. If he is actually "heterosexual" despite the fact he is definitely getting a check it is nice to see a brother that is down for us. He was recently asked about the DL topic and his response was very witty. "It’s a trip how DL has been demonized. I think the question is, why would a man have to pretend to be something that he is not? I think it could be easily answered knowing the history of our society." I love intelligent actors. (Check Ben Affleck Out) I don't really watch the HERE Network but I might have to start!

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