Monday, October 29, 2007


CLIK, the self proclaimed number 1 lifestyle, news, entertainment, fashion, and travel magazine has decided to postpone its annual Clik Honors Awards ceremony. Although I might not agree with the number one magazine it is definitely my personal favorite I was even featured in it a couple of months ago. The now Bi-Annual event is slated to be held around this time next year. Which is a shame because I was planning on attending and coming back to spill T. Notable recipients of last years awards are Darryl Stephens and Wilson Cruz from the now canceled LOGO Network's Noah's ARC(There is still supposed to me a movie in the works) as well as gay-bash survivor billboard chart topping artist Kevin Aviance. Some of the up coming event's nominees include or included some of my favorite people Singer-Songwriter and a personal inspiration to me Anthony Antoine as well as Photographer Ijumo Hayward and my father Stephaun Elite, so if and when voting opens up again make sure you go and support the people you would like to win. There is no shade in this next statement but we have very few things that are Gay and Black out here in the media so if you don't want CLIK MAGAZINE ( to suffer the same fate as Noah's Arc you better get up off some coins and support.

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