Thursday, October 25, 2007

John Amaechi on Oprah

What is the world going to do without Oprah Winfrey? Earlier this week she did a show on what it is like to be gay around the world. In addition to interviewing a openly gay prince of India and a Jamaican lesbian activist she was joined by recently out former NBA player John Amaechi. Now personal feelings aside, an attractive, mature, black male from england. I couldn't done better myself. I digress. The man is very intelligent. In a time where every celebrity or even sub-celebrity for that matter is suddenly an author, this book is a welcome addition. And the man goes far beyond basketball, besides already being awarded an honorary degree from Manchester Metropolitan University he also is working on a doctorate in psychology and heading up his own consulting firm that deal with other motivational speakers. I adore him and so does Oprah. Oprah seemed to take personal offense to the bigoted statements made by not so culturally significant former NBA player Tim Hardaway. Trying to maintain her infinite fairness she did mention that Mr. Hardon......umm Hardaway has since apologized and has since started volunteering time to the Yes Institute. Oprah seemed to be unimpressed by the gestures. Perhaps she too wonders if his change of heart had to do more with corporate relationships being terminated as opposed to genuine remorse. Man in the Middle is in stores now I definitely suggest you go and pick it up. It's a great read.

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