Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've been ask to attend and speak at a discussion forum highlighting the plight of young gay people in social services. Here are a copy of my remarks.


As a young man not too far removed from adolescence, I vividly recall the myriad of issues that complicated my youth. My homosexuality however, wasn’t a central focus. Luckily I had a relatively understanding family. As a young gay advocate I understand that the scenarios are often different for my peers. Many of them had no choice in the role that sexuality would play in their lives. Some have been molested. Some of been physically abused. Some have even been evicted because of who they chose to love. So it’s not surprising that many young gay people rebel and flock to clubs and internet dating sites to seek acceptance.

I do believe there is such thing as too much too soon. There is a serious risk associated with allowing one’s sexuality to engulf one’s identity. The same can be said for our heterosexual counterparts. At a time when one should be focusing on academics, socializing, and pimples. We are learning about douches, consuming alcohol, and dating sugar daddies. While these skills may prove useful in certain sub-cultures within the gay community, they are counter-productive to a independent and fulfilling life. What is the alternative? How do I suggest to my young brother’s and sisters that they attempt to maneuver in a systematically homophobic society? I can’t, at least not alone.

I know a balance does exist. Something as natural as homosexuality should not be used as a reason to deprive someone of a natural childhood. Just like the difference between boys and girls there are elements specific to the same gender loving experience. Individuals who can identify must be responsible for enhancing that development. We can’t allow an unregulated “scene” to dictate social norms and acceptable behavior. That is why it’s imperative that we make sure every space is a safe space. Those of us who are considering ourselves to be allies, caregivers, and advocates of youth should dedicate ourselves to providing a stable environment conducive to growth; throughout Atlanta not just in the confines of a sexually charged adult midtown.

The first step is to make sure that we are familiar with the unique complications that face our young men and women. If you don’t know you can’t help. If we are to fail please let’s not allow ignorance to be to reason. The second step is to be intuitive and diligent in confronting these barriers before they even effect our youth. If we miss our mark which we occasionally will, we must be rapid in rectifying situations and returning young people to productive paths. Religion, Politics and Ignorance have done a phenomenal job in driving wedges between communities. If you are gay lesbian bisexual, or transgendered volunteer your time and knowledge to gay youth and their heterosexual caregivers. I don’t believe that it is mere coincidence that there exist people unable to procreate whom have love to give and people who are already created that are need of love. If we fight for them like they came out of our wombs and our seeds we won’t need to shelter them in small precincts the entire country will know that we will not accept anything less than the best for our children.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Anwar Robinson as Tom Collins

So in commemoration of my last couple of days in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida me and a good friend of mine went to go see the touring production of "Rent". My friend and I have been rent heads for maybe two years now, so this was definitely something that I had to check out. An added treat was that the role of Tom Collins was to be played by former American Idol finalist Anwar Robinson. I love Anwar, despite the whole Luther Vandross ambiguously gay R&B crooner thing.(Please don't make me rehash the whole Blackplanet profile scandal) You have to give the man his props he has chops. I am always amazed when he opens his mouth. And judging by his smile he must be a sweetheart. Besides, with a fickle entertainment industry would you risk your dreams to be out and face more adversity. Luckily or not, in my dream I am out! How great would it be if we could get another artist like him on the upcoming season of American Idol because to be quite honest last year's season was possibly the most boring season I've ever seen. I think the magic is wearing thin. I have a bit more packing to do for my trip. Since I am in the Broadway frame of mind I'll guess I'll pull out my Dreamgirls, Rent, and Wicked soundtracks. Also Kristen-Alexander Griffith did a great job playing Anwar's character's cross-dressing love interest Angel. This is impressive considering the shoes that he had to fill. The role of Angel originally played by Wilson Jermaine Heredia has also been reprised by Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye For The Straight Guy) Jose Llana, as well as my beloved Wilson Cruz (Party Monster, Noah's Arc, and Coffee Date). All in all, this cast of Rent did a wonderful job. Ok I'm off to go pack!

Monday, October 29, 2007


So I don't know what to think. The too sexy for his own good Jensen Atwood is back on TV. Playing a homosexual well bisexual. You probably recognized him as Wade from LOGO network's canceled show "Noah's Arc". He says that he is out of the loop regarding the Noah's Arc movie and isn't sure if he is even going to be involved in the film. You can now catch Jensen on HERE! Network's gothic soap"Dante's Cove" where he plays a bisexual demon or vampire type creature named Griff. As far as I can discern from his recent interviews he is straight. Please hold your protest. I know one of the things that artist hate is to be type casted but Jensen seems to be O.K. with it and that is pretty cool. If he is actually "heterosexual" despite the fact he is definitely getting a check it is nice to see a brother that is down for us. He was recently asked about the DL topic and his response was very witty. "It’s a trip how DL has been demonized. I think the question is, why would a man have to pretend to be something that he is not? I think it could be easily answered knowing the history of our society." I love intelligent actors. (Check Ben Affleck Out) I don't really watch the HERE Network but I might have to start!


CLIK, the self proclaimed number 1 lifestyle, news, entertainment, fashion, and travel magazine has decided to postpone its annual Clik Honors Awards ceremony. Although I might not agree with the number one magazine it is definitely my personal favorite I was even featured in it a couple of months ago. The now Bi-Annual event is slated to be held around this time next year. Which is a shame because I was planning on attending and coming back to spill T. Notable recipients of last years awards are Darryl Stephens and Wilson Cruz from the now canceled LOGO Network's Noah's ARC(There is still supposed to me a movie in the works) as well as gay-bash survivor billboard chart topping artist Kevin Aviance. Some of the up coming event's nominees include or included some of my favorite people Singer-Songwriter and a personal inspiration to me Anthony Antoine as well as Photographer Ijumo Hayward and my father Stephaun Elite, so if and when voting opens up again make sure you go and support the people you would like to win. There is no shade in this next statement but we have very few things that are Gay and Black out here in the media so if you don't want CLIK MAGAZINE (www.clikmagazine.com) to suffer the same fate as Noah's Arc you better get up off some coins and support.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I love Donny! Donny Hathaway is one of the most profound vocalist and lyricist of his time. I like Donnie, the neo-soul crooner who just recently came out. I am on the fence about Donnie McClurkin. (pictured to the right) I do enjoy his music but my nerves are got on by this man. He has vilified homosexuality on several occasions and states he is an ex-gay. He states that homosexuality is a spiritual issue, from which one can be delivered by the power and grace of God. Now I think that everyone should be entitled to their opinion. However, as an "ex-gay" and a man of the cloth I do believe that he could do a lot better presenting his ideas, regardless how misguided I might feel that they are. Vilifying homosexuality has been his stance for quite some time but he's recently made the headlines with presidential candidate Barack Obama's decision to invite the gay bashing minister to headline a gospel tour to support his candidacy. Oddly enough he provided the same support to George W. Bush as he successfully continued to drive the wedge between LGBT people and church in the two previous presidential elections. Needless to say the "kids" aren't really happy about the senator's decision and have been vocal about their opposition. Senator O has an important decision to make ;continue to court the African-American vote which Senator Hillary Clinton seems to have on lock or potentially risk the gay vote. (What a precarious situation it is to be black and gay.) In an act of consolation Senator Obama has decided to add an openly gay white minister to the tour. Race should rarely be an issue however I don't understand how that minister compares to a self-hating homosexual African-American minister. It's not the same Barack. And I'll pray that you can be more like the other Donnies, Mr. McClurkin.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

John Amaechi on Oprah

What is the world going to do without Oprah Winfrey? Earlier this week she did a show on what it is like to be gay around the world. In addition to interviewing a openly gay prince of India and a Jamaican lesbian activist she was joined by recently out former NBA player John Amaechi. Now personal feelings aside, an attractive, mature, black male from england. I couldn't done better myself. I digress. The man is very intelligent. In a time where every celebrity or even sub-celebrity for that matter is suddenly an author, this book is a welcome addition. And the man goes far beyond basketball, besides already being awarded an honorary degree from Manchester Metropolitan University he also is working on a doctorate in psychology and heading up his own consulting firm that deal with other motivational speakers. I adore him and so does Oprah. Oprah seemed to take personal offense to the bigoted statements made by not so culturally significant former NBA player Tim Hardaway. Trying to maintain her infinite fairness she did mention that Mr. Hardon......umm Hardaway has since apologized and has since started volunteering time to the Yes Institute. Oprah seemed to be unimpressed by the gestures. Perhaps she too wonders if his change of heart had to do more with corporate relationships being terminated as opposed to genuine remorse. Man in the Middle is in stores now I definitely suggest you go and pick it up. It's a great read.