Saturday, November 3, 2007

Anwar Robinson as Tom Collins

So in commemoration of my last couple of days in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida me and a good friend of mine went to go see the touring production of "Rent". My friend and I have been rent heads for maybe two years now, so this was definitely something that I had to check out. An added treat was that the role of Tom Collins was to be played by former American Idol finalist Anwar Robinson. I love Anwar, despite the whole Luther Vandross ambiguously gay R&B crooner thing.(Please don't make me rehash the whole Blackplanet profile scandal) You have to give the man his props he has chops. I am always amazed when he opens his mouth. And judging by his smile he must be a sweetheart. Besides, with a fickle entertainment industry would you risk your dreams to be out and face more adversity. Luckily or not, in my dream I am out! How great would it be if we could get another artist like him on the upcoming season of American Idol because to be quite honest last year's season was possibly the most boring season I've ever seen. I think the magic is wearing thin. I have a bit more packing to do for my trip. Since I am in the Broadway frame of mind I'll guess I'll pull out my Dreamgirls, Rent, and Wicked soundtracks. Also Kristen-Alexander Griffith did a great job playing Anwar's character's cross-dressing love interest Angel. This is impressive considering the shoes that he had to fill. The role of Angel originally played by Wilson Jermaine Heredia has also been reprised by Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye For The Straight Guy) Jose Llana, as well as my beloved Wilson Cruz (Party Monster, Noah's Arc, and Coffee Date). All in all, this cast of Rent did a wonderful job. Ok I'm off to go pack!

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