Friday, October 26, 2007


I love Donny! Donny Hathaway is one of the most profound vocalist and lyricist of his time. I like Donnie, the neo-soul crooner who just recently came out. I am on the fence about Donnie McClurkin. (pictured to the right) I do enjoy his music but my nerves are got on by this man. He has vilified homosexuality on several occasions and states he is an ex-gay. He states that homosexuality is a spiritual issue, from which one can be delivered by the power and grace of God. Now I think that everyone should be entitled to their opinion. However, as an "ex-gay" and a man of the cloth I do believe that he could do a lot better presenting his ideas, regardless how misguided I might feel that they are. Vilifying homosexuality has been his stance for quite some time but he's recently made the headlines with presidential candidate Barack Obama's decision to invite the gay bashing minister to headline a gospel tour to support his candidacy. Oddly enough he provided the same support to George W. Bush as he successfully continued to drive the wedge between LGBT people and church in the two previous presidential elections. Needless to say the "kids" aren't really happy about the senator's decision and have been vocal about their opposition. Senator O has an important decision to make ;continue to court the African-American vote which Senator Hillary Clinton seems to have on lock or potentially risk the gay vote. (What a precarious situation it is to be black and gay.) In an act of consolation Senator Obama has decided to add an openly gay white minister to the tour. Race should rarely be an issue however I don't understand how that minister compares to a self-hating homosexual African-American minister. It's not the same Barack. And I'll pray that you can be more like the other Donnies, Mr. McClurkin.

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